Plantation establishment, development & management

Establishing and then managing a macadamia plantation that is both productive and sustainable can be a complex challenge.

We can provide you with the expert advice and information you need to take the guesswork out of the planning process, and then help you to grow high quality macadamia trees for a healthy profit.

Our managing director is world-renowned macadamia expert Kim Wilson who has managed more than 350 hectares of macadamia plantations across Australia as well as large nurseries (150,000 trees) supplying macadamia trees to Australia and the world.

Kim can advise you every step of the way from the initial feasibility study and site inspection through to variety selection, layout, supply of trees as well as advice on nutrition, pest and disease management & irrigation.

We provide expert information and advice on:

  • Plantation feasibility
  • Plantation site inspection and planning (layout, soil suitability etc)
  • Variety selection
  • Plantation management (management structure, labour relations and seasonal staff, work programs and production timing)
  • Growing and managing your macadamia trees
  • Developing a nutritional program for your orchard
  • Pest and disease management
  • Irrigation

We can supply:

Ongoing advice

After your macadamia plantation is established, we can offer ongoing advice and information (practical and financial) on how to best manage the orchard into the future.

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