Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson is one of the world’s leading macadamia experts, and has dedicated the last four decades of his life to the macadamia industry.

Based in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales – the largest producing macadamia region in Australia - Kim is the founder and managing director of Eureka Macadamia Management and Macadamia Consulting International.

40 years industry experience

He began his career as a farm hand at one of Australia’s leading macadamia enterprises ‘Gray Plantations’ in northern New South Wales in 1979 and was promoted to General Manager in 1992. He was the driving force behind the company’s expansion to almost 400 hectares of orchards in northern New South Wales and Mackay Queensland, including several large nurseries (holding more than 150,000 macadamia trees) that supplied the world industry, and is well known for his pioneering work on high density plantations in Queensland, Australia.

Kim is passionate about helping people improve their on-farm operations and committed to investing in the latest, cutting-edge industry research to achieve this - covering areas like variety selection, canopy management, tree transplanting and top-working. Over the years, he has worked closely with the industry’s peak body, the Australian Macadamia Society, and regularly collaborated on major research projects and trials with key Australian research agencies.

He is now contracted by domestic and international clients to advise on all aspects of macadamia production - from general farm management to feasibility studies and nursery and plantation development & management. His in-depth knowledge, expertise in research & development, ‘best practise’, benchmarking and economic analysis helped drive the strategy that positioned Australian at the forefront of the world macadamia industry.

Acclaimed industry leader, strategist and innovator

Kim is widely respected and recognised for his industry leadership, commitment to innovation and research and for his work in assisting developing countries to build their own macadamia industries. He led Australia’s peak industry body, the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), as Chairman, for three years from 2009-2011, and was a Board member for 16 years. He also chaired the national Research and Development Committee, which guided Australia’s highly successful multi-million dollar, cutting-edge research and development program.

International industry consultant

More recently, Kim has become well known for his exceptional contribution to the development of macadamia industries in developing countries. He has consulted in China, Vietnam, Brazil, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Ambassador and international speaker

Kim is passionate about maximising the enormous global potential of the macadamia nut and has spent considerable time as an industry ambassador promoting the industry globally. He has participated in numerous international macadamia studies and tours, and been invited to speak at a number of international conferences, including various International Macadamia Symposiums.

Award winning

His outstanding contribution to the global macadamia industry has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including the Australian Macadamia Society Norman R. Greber Award (2002) – the most prestigious award in the Australian macadamia industry and Life Membership of the Australian Macadamia Society (2011) – for his exceptional contribution to the Australian macadamia industry over the last three decades.


Kim can help make your macadamia business thrive. Contact him today to discuss the possibilities.