Feasibility studies

Global demand for macadamias is surging (and supply is limited), which means growing macadamias commercially is a potentially lucrative prospect. 

At Macadamia Consulting International, we have prepared feasibility studies for clients wanting to grow macadamias in Australia, Vietnam, Myanmar and more.

Our managing director, acclaimed Australian grower and manager Kim Wilson, has overseen macadamia projects in all major growing regions of the world. He is also well known for assisting developing countries establish their own macadamia industries. Kim will help you to determine whether your macadamia project is viable in the short and long term, and work closely with you to identify the opportunities and potential risks. 

Our feasibility studies can provide:

  • Situational analysis of the proposed growing region/precinct, including:
    • Analysis of climatic data 
    • Site visit to complete location/land suitability analysis, which includes:
      • soil assessment/s
      • typography assessment
      • analysis of existing infrastructure and resources 
      • water sources, supply, pricing analysis and recommendation re irrigation 
      • environmental risk assessment
  • Financial assessment, including:
    • Capital requirements
    • Start-up costs
    • Revenue projections
    • Gross profit margins
    • Net income

Included in the financial assessment for our Australian clients is a 20-year financial analysis (cash flow, return on investment etc) based on the scale of your operation. This detailed analysis will include the cost to purchase the trees and land, prepare, set up and plant out the plantation, and maintain the business operation. For our international clients (outside Australia) we can provide you with projected yield figures for the first 20 years, including tree growing costs and production curves. 

Our feasibility report will assess all the supporting data of your proposed macadamia business venture, and provide you with a recommendation on the project’s feasibility and how it should be implemented.


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