Project/farm management

We can manage part or all of your macadamia business, depending on your individual requirements, budget and timeframe.

We can take care of your practical day-to-day farm operations, as well as the financial management and strategic components, and much more. And we can be ‘on-farm’ as often or as little as you require.

We can inspect/visit your property as needed or we can set up an ongoing program that consists of regular (weekly/monthly) visits and reports.


See some of our services below or talk to us about your specific needs:

  • labour
  • equipment
  • financial management
  • strategic planning
  • manage key components of your property (like canopy and orchard floor management, pest and disease management, pruning etc)
  • manage your entire property (provide labour and equipment, pay your accounts and wages, provide monthly financial and operational reports).

Read more about some of our projects.

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