Nursery establishment, development & management

Want to establish your own macadamia nursery, but not sure where to start, and/or need advice on some of the more complex issues?

Our experts are here to help you establish and then manage your macadamia nursery so that it operates effectively, productively and sustainably. We don’t just teach you how to grow high quality macadamia trees, we teach you how to grow them for a healthy profit!

Our managing director is world-renowned macadamia expert Kim Wilson who has managed more than 350 hectares of macadamia plantations across Australia as well as several large nurseries (housing more than 150,000 trees) supplying macadamia trees to Australia and the world. Kim can advise you every step of the way from the initial site organisation through to variety selection, supply of seed nut and scion wood, as well as advice on grafting, nutrition, pest and disease management & irrigation.


We provide expert information and advice on:

  • Nursery site planning and construction: we estimate the space requirements and layout required to produce your desired amount of trees, and offer expert advice in design & construction of your nursery
  • Nursery site management: guidance and tips on developing a management structure, labour relations and seasonal staff, work programs and production timing
  • Variety selection: which variety is best suited to your specific growing region, soils and climate
  • Growing seedlings
  • Managing your nursery trees
  • Developing a nutritional program for your nursery: helping you understand the basic principles that need to be taken into account when fertilizing nursery trees
  • Pest and disease management: how to ensure your trees are healthy when ready for the orchard
  • Growing media: potting mixtures, soils and soil-free mixes
  • Irrigation: methods and equipment, estimation of water requirements, and 
  • Grafting: planning, methods, material, equipment.

We supply:

  • H2 seed nut – the most commonly preferred root stock variety in Australia 
  • Scion wood 
  • Grafting material & equipment 

Ongoing advice

After your nursery is established, we can offer ongoing advice and information on how to best manage the nursery into the future.

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